The CMD Aréte

Ben Nevis is, of course, one of the main tourist attractions in Scotland. From the campsite in Glen Nevis you can watch countless people trotting up and down the Pony Track, which is sometimes called the Tourist Path. Why not? It´s good to be out, it´s better than sitting in a bus and being driven around the country, it is, however, not the best thing to do.

The dedicated mountaineer, that´s you, of course, might wish to leave the path, go round the Ben and scramble up Carn Mor Dearg (CMD), another Munro in the neighbourhood. Once you have got there, from CMD a rocky aréte leads towards Ben Nevis, and if the weather won´t spoil the fun, splendid views are waiting for you as a reward for a day´s struggle. The North Face of Ben Nevis, the Mamores, the Grey Corries behind the Aonachs. That´s what you might miss when you stick to the trodden path.

This web site can only provide little insight into the wonders of that mountain region. We have, however, prepared a slide show on CD for our members to encourage walking along this horseshoe-like route which is often called

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NW view

Ben Neves and the CMD Aréte

The Mamores (east)


The Marmores, the Ring of Steall

View into Glen Nevis

The tourist path, a misnomer?

Ben Nevis