Glen Affric - and three of the five Munros in the North

There is a fantastic 'horseshoe' awaiting the munro bagger

- including Mam Sodhail (1181 m) and Carn Eige (1183 m) -

north of Glen Affric, all around Gleann nam Fiadh (that's the long valley).


following a proposal proper proposed by a wery wast walker

we find that a third rather remote Munro

- Beinn Fhionnlaidh (1005 m) -

 can with a litte effort be included 

if the horseshoe walk is left for a while and Carn Eige traversed in the west.

This saves us an ascend (for later in the late day) and thus some time. See map (cometh soon).

Please move the mouse/cursor onto the pictures to read the text.


First view of Loch Affric after the car park

More views - a nice start

Perhaps Carn Glas Lochdarach behind Loch Affric

the way up (north), Sgurr na Lapaich already in sight

Loch Affric from the northbound track

Leave the track where it bends to right sharply

Now on the path NW, views still improving

the path north of Loch Affric, towards little Loch Coolavie

easy walking, sometimes on faint paths up to the top

  the steep east walll of Sgurr na Lapaich

Looking back at both lakes

There are two more shoulders leading up to Mam Sodhail

First view of the complete horseshoe with the two Munros

  thís will be the way back (view north) - remember the Garth Bealach = first place to go down again

all three <shoulders> leading to the west, Mam Sodhail in the NW

the <headwall> at the end of the valley - Gleann nam Fiadh

our vice-president

nice company - who came for a stroll and actually did the whole round

looking back at the <southern shoulder> and Coire Leachavie on the right

Carn Eige in the(North

little Loch Uaine below the Munros and the headwall

Mam Sodail

Beinn Fhionnlaidh now visible behind Carn Eige

south to west - skyline

Gleann a' Choilich, the valley leading up to Sgurr nan Ceathreambnan, in the West

Western end of Loch Mullardoch from Mam Sodhail

the valley in the east, with the stream leading back to the other car park

down Mam Sodhail, round Carn Eige, and there is Beinn Fhionnlaidh

from the top of Beinn Fhionnlaidh, Loch Mullardoch

the northeast shoulder of Carn Eige from Beinn Fhionnlaidh

splendid views in the northwest

Sgurr nan Ceathreambhan again in the West, seen on the way back from Beinn Fhionnlaidh

now a long pull up Carn Eige

Coire Lochan from Bealach Beag between the Munros

Coire Lochan again, seen from higher up Carn Eige

on top of Carn Eige, Mam Sodhail in the South

the way down (east) Carn Eige

Beinn Fhionnlaidh and mountains north of Loch Mullardoch

looking back at the <upper> end of the horseshoe

the way on - east - turns out to involve some ridge walking ...

a zig zag to be done

Loch a' Choire Dhomhain has to be on left - else you are going to walk into Loch Mullardoch

the ridge leading on to the east

And finally a broad hump and then down at Garth Bealach with the tiny lochan - or on to the other two Munros?

There are actually two more Munros in the East, Tom a Choinich and Toll Creagach, but we would agree to what other Munroists have written that after this spectacular walk the anticlimax should best be avoided and the <easier> ones be left for a rainy day.

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