Sgurr Eilde Mor - from Kinlochleven to Steall Falls

Let us take you on a walk through the Eastern Mamores -

from Kinlochleven to Steall Falls,

including the ascent of the remotest of the Mamores 

Sgurr Eilde Mor (1010 m)

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Kinlochleven in the west

The mountains to the North of Kinlochleven

The mountain range in the far south

deep blue waters

one of the most beautiful lakes up in the mountains

when walking up the munro ...

... waters glittering in the sun

down again and up a few metres

Another rewarding walk - the Grey Corries

the little lake at the foot of Binnein Beag

looking back at Binnein Mor, obviously the bigger brother

another rewarding view on the left

The way down into Glen Nevis

looking back at a wall of grass between small peak and big peak

no time left to enjoy the minor sights?

The dominating mountain in Glen Nevis, from the east

Steall Falls, and it isn't far to the car park

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