About us

The Royal Recklinghausen Academic Mountaineering Society

The RRAMS is a very honorable society indeed. To come forth with the main object of our perseverence, we should perhaps mention that we are dedicated to the love of the Munros, the famous Scottish mountains taller than 3000 feet. We are not only extremely honourable - as long as our meetings have not lasted too long ... We are also truly royal, in other words, we strictly believe that matters would improve if we were kings and queens. Apart from that, we are, as the observant reader has already deduced from the society´s name in its full glory, strictly academic, though we do not exactly know what this is going to mean. We have, however, realized, at a moment of epiphanical grandeur, if not perceptionalistic crisis, that it makes for a long and bombastic eye catcher. Furthermore, and definitely not nevermore, as Poe might have suggested to conclude, we are perfectly sure we are found in Recklinghausen, since we are in the habit of making a mental note that there happens to be unmistakable evidence of that particular yellow traffic sign we pass by every mourning, at least from Monday to Friday.

The vice-presidents are glad, ready and willing to read your e-mails now!

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But be aware that there is no such thing as a free membership. You will have to bring along the here unnameable object of desire. Feel free to do what you are inclined to do anyway. Doable it is. Desireable it will never cease to be.

Jürgen Schulte (VP RRAMS)
Wolfgang-Borchert-Comprehensive Beisinger Weg 80 Recklinghausen / Germany

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