Of Munros, Donalds, Corbetts, Grahams, Corbetts, and Tripptraps

For more detailed information, please get yourself a Harveys Munro & Corbett Chart based on the 1997 SMC tables.

A Donald
is a hill over 2000 feet in Central or Southern Scotland. Who cares about Donalds?

A Graham
is a Scottish mountain over 2000 feet but less  than 2500 feet with a drop of at least 500 feet all round. There are 224 Grahams to be found in Scotland.

A Corbett
is a Scotish mountain over 2500 feet but less than 300 feet with  a drop of at least 500 feet all round. There are 220 Corbetts in Scotland.

A Munro
is one of the famous Scottish mountains over 3000 feet in height. There are 284 Munros in Scotland! Please note that more than once the Munro tables have been revised. In other words, the classification of a mountain as a Munro has been a matter of discussion over the years.

A Tripptrap
is a Scottish Munro over 3500 feet in height. There are some 70 Tripptraps in Scotland, but there is only one TRI in the world.

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