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Royal Recklinghausen Academic Mountaineering Society

People will move the round thing once again on Friday, 18th February 2005. Same time, same place, no food, if HP won´t be in the mood.

There will be a conspiratory meeting of all our vice-presidents on Monday, 12th January 2004, held at a certain place alongside Boerster Weg. Participants are strictly adviced to behave themselves in public!

The round thing will be moved again, on Thursday, 2nd September 04. Let´s meet at 7 pm.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday, 2nd October 2004. Boerster Weg once again. Members should be aware that their skills and abilities will be extensively tested this time. In other words, folks, you won´t know what food you´ll get. You´ll have to guess. Moreover, thanks to Derek from Flefo, the vp in charge of this site has been given convincing evidence that language learning is improved by hypnosis and alcohol. It has been suggested that Glen Fiddich might be proper treatment to let people learn a celtic language as quick as quicksilver. Obiously, this is something to be checked. So be prepared to be taught some Welsh under the influence of ... !

The outcome

Herewith neighbours at Hucityring are given a word of warning that another event of clamour and glamour is due on Thursday, 28th October 2004. Oh yes, once again we will focus our attention on the round thing ...